Red Secret

Red Secret

The secret ingredient for your sound.

Three controls. Countless possibilities.

Red Secret – Drei einfache Regler


Use the pre-control to regulate your desired level of distortion. After choosing your basic setting, you can still control distortion thresholds on your guitar.


Use the tone-control to emphasize the “heavy” bass  (left) or the “blues” mids (right). Left in central position, the sound will remain neutral.


Use the post-control to keep complete and easy control of the default output level. Once you have set your desired default output level, it will remain constant even when you change the Pre or Tone settings.

On stage

Flexible control at your fingertips.

Start by setting your default sound on the red secret – then, whenever you want to change it, simply use the volume knob on your guitar. In this way, placing emphasis on individual passages of music whenever you desire will be easy.

In the studio

Spice up your digital sound to deliver perfect audio signals!

Use the exceptional analog sound quality, combine it with digital flexibility and achieve a performance that will truly impress! Red Secret will enable you to deliver your instrument’s finest analog signal. The digital post production will then perfect your great sound material.