Red secret DI [English]

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The new version which replaces the original design features a more effective tone control, more gain, and more output. Also ICs have been selected to archieve an even lower noise floor level. In addition to that, a footswitch has been implemented, a high grade bypass buffer added, and last but not least: We integrated a studio quality frequency compensated DI output, which can also be used as a headphone output. In addition to the “TONE“ control knob, bass and mids can be tweaked at the bottom of the unit with the included adjustment screwdriver. The DI output features a speaker simulation that can be connected directly to a high level input of a mixing console or a soundcard. The Red Secret DI can also be used as a stand alone speaker simulation for devices connected to the input. The unit is of great value to guitarists that want to play with a minimal but effective setup. E. g.: guitar → RSDI → high level input of mixing console. The clean guitar signal passes the speaker simulation and gains enough volume to be fed directly into the mixing console. The distorted sound can be chosen with the footswitch. RSDI can also be used effortlessly in a (home-)studio enviromnent. Just add some EQ or reverb according to taste and you have a great guitar track! When using the RSDI on a pedalboard, the signal can be routed through the DI output and can be fed directly into a mixing console, thus correcting the entire pedal board for a full range system. Simple: Use OUT for a guitar amp, use DI for a full range system on your board. RSDI also corrects your clean signal this way. Both outputs can also be used simultaneously. Red Secret DI was completely developed and assembled by hand in germany.

Red Secret PRO

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Red Secret

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