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Red Secret FAQ

Find below a list of frequently asked questions by Red Secret users. If your question remains unanswered, please email us using the contact form, or using support(at)

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Yes, it does! A high-quality relay will completely exclude the Red Secret distortion circuit from the signal path when in stand-by mode or when switched off.

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No. Red Secret works with every amplifier. However, it provides no cure for low-quality amps. While supporting the sound of every amp, naturally, a high-quality amp will sound better than a bad one. Most of the time, tube amplifiers will deliver the better sound. That is why in our experience, Red Secret works very well with them.

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Yes. But pay attention to the power supply: depending on different levels of voltage, Red Secret will sound different. The higher the power supply voltage, the less distortion it will produce. Any voltage between 9 and 15 is possible.

For a more distorted basic sound, a 9 volt power supply will deliver the best results. For a more neutral sound character, we recommend a 12 volt power supply.

While Red Secret comes with a mains adapter, you can use all standard, commercially available mains adapters for effects devices, provided their positive pole post is located on the outside of the plug.

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Yes. Even though the single-coil pickups are naturally slightly quieter, your overall sound settings will remain in a way that does not require adjusting. If the marginal difference in sound volume does bother your, simply adjust it using the pre-controller.

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First of all, aren’t you being rather selfish? Secondly: don’t worry! Red Secret reacts to your play and technique in an entirely individual way. Thus, your style and sound will remain truly distinctive – meanwhile turning more absorbing, contoured and direct… in short, even better! Your sound will be – forever yours.

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We recommend setting all other effects after Red Secret, with the exception of wah-wah and other modulation tools, such as chorus or flanger. However, everything is possible; do try out all options!

[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_toggle title=”My guitar keeps sounding heavily distorted, even when the volume knob is turned very low.” open=”false” el_position=”first last”]

Turn down the pre-control

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Use the post-control to reach your perfect volume.

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Most of the time, unwanted background noises are caused by poor cables. Start by checking whether all cables are fitted properly, and try exchanging them.

This also applies to the internal cables, running e.g. from amp to box: they, too, can have a “buzz”. Because Red Secret enhances and intensifies all sounds, these can cause stronger background noises, too. Again, changing these cables might solve the problem.

Red Secret is practically free of background noises.